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Emerging Issues in Banking and Finance in a Technology Driven Economy


February 20, 2015

Places of Interest

Places of Interest

There are many places of tourist interest in and around Mangalore. The Institute itself is situated in the shores of Arabian Sea. Some of the places which could be visited by the participants are the following:

Pilkula Nisargadhama
Legend has that there was a place in Dakshina Kannada where tigers used to play. It is at this mythical spot that PilikulaNisargadhama is situated. “Pilikula” literally means “Pond of the Tigers” in local langauges of Mangalore. Located just 10 kms from Mangalore 25kms from Surathkal, is an integrated nature park that offers a delightful variety of attractions to the eco-tourist and nature lover.

St. Aloysius Church
It is situated in Mangalore and around 15 kms from Surathkal. The walls and roofs of the chapel are covered with the paintings of the artists Antonio Moscheni S.J. of Italy. This chapel was built in the year 1899.

Bekal Fort
The unique Bekal Fort stands amidst the roaming but heartening music of the seas along with the eternal note of the unending waves, carrying the thrilling memories of a bygone era. This foremost souvenir of the ‘Gods own Country’ remains underterred over the ages as a silent witness to centuries of eventful yester years. The Bekal Fort has been a source of attraction for historians, tourists and nature lovers for centuries since it embodies memories of a glorious past.

Panambur Beach
Located at a distance of 6km from NITK, to the south, is very accessible. Panambur beach is named after the nearby port and its trade, because in the local vernacular, 'Panam' means money and 'Ur' means place or village. The city's most visited beach, is known for cleanliness and safety. This is a place were one can enjoy a long camel ride and the breath taking view of the sunset.

Udupi Krishna Mutt
This town is 45 kms away from Surathkalon the way to Malpe. This town is known for the ‘Udupi hotel / restaurants’ all over the world. The town has the world - famous Lord Krishna Temple. The Ashtamathas founded by sage Madhawacharya, are located in the Car Street, surrounding the Sri Krishna Temple.

St. Marry’s Island
This beautiful Island is on the Arabian Sea is about 53 kms to the North of Surathkal. A group of small Islands lying a little to the north of the port of Malpe are called St. Marry’s Islands, St. Marry’s Islands are known for their famous basalt rocks, which have crystallized into colunb and spilt into hexagonal mosaic.

Maravanthe Beach
About 90 kms from Surathkal, this is a unique place where the Arabian Sea and the river is separated by a narrow road.

Jain Basadi, Moodbidri
An hour’s drive from Surathkal lies Jain Basadi in Moodbidri. The village is steeped in antiquity with its 18 Jain ‘basadis’ (abodes of God) - all grainte wonders, veritable treasure troves of ancient inscriptions and carvings of which Thousands Pillared Temple of Chandranatha is the major attraction of Moodabidri. It is the ‘Jain Kashi’ of the South.

On the slopes of a rocky hill at Karkala, around 48kms from NITK stands one of the astounding architectural masterpieces of all times called ChaturmukhaBasadi manifesting the sculptural achievements of the medieval artists.

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